Helga Mogensen was born in Reykjavik, Iceland in 1980. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2007. She now lives and works in Reykjavik. From beginning Helga has been working with a variety of materials such as silver, steel, copper, brass, driftwood and fish skin. Her main focus in her art work is using her personal experience in life and translate that into objects to wear or even wall pieces. As a maker she loves the freedom that is involved in her field. The different scale of work, varying from earrings to large scale neckpieces brings different challenges to the table.

“It can be difficult to ask oneself what it is that matters, what it is that I thrive on as a designer, artist and maker. For me it is quite simple actually. Its just life.”


The passion for making jewellery is based on this life experience. Its all about somehow transferring the feelings behind the experience into a tangible object that can perhaps be worn.

I once heard someone say: "The work most personal to the individual artist, tends to be the work that people will learn to appreciate the most." These words really stuck with me and lead me to belief that in order to create something, people have to have passion and belief in the things they are doing or making. Therefore my work portraits a bit of myself: it mirrors actions, behavior, people, places, nature and feelings. It really does not make sense to be making something if I don't have interest or passion in what I am doing.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been going up North in Iceland to a special hideaway place where I go with my family every summer. This hidden gem has some sort of magic about it. The beach is full of driftwood, sea shells, old shoes and interesting things that have been in the ocean for quite some time. The place has no electricity or hot water which makes it quite the contrast to city life. With nature at my doorstep and intersting things drifting ashore the place is ideal for processing thoughts and developing new ideas.

The moment is also a great interest to me. I find it somewhat charming to stand opposite someone in the supermarket and wonder what kind of person they are or if there is someone wanting to be looking at that person at that specific time. But how does one capture moment with jewellery? I personally try and transfer feelings and colours into shape, but I guess we each have different ways of dealing with the moment. Photographs are one way of capturing the moment people want to remember for a long time. What is it actually that makes people want to capture the moment? These are thoughts, not answers about my work!

The sketchbook is a very important medium for me to work with along side the jewellery. The sketchbook works as a communicator between me and the pieces I am making at each time. I find it very important to keep a sketchbook with me at all times, small or large to keep track of thoughts.

Þíund / Triad Aníta Hirlekar fatahönnuður Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson keramiker Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen skartgripahönnuður Samhljómur þriggja hönnuða á HönnunarMars 2016 Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen skartgripahönnuður, Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson keramiker og Aníta Hirlekar fatahönnuður hafa vakið verðskuldaða athygli á síðustu misserum fyrir verk sín. Hönnuðurnir eiga það sameiginlegt að fara sínar eigin leiðir til að kanna til hlítar takmörk efnisins sem þau vinna með og er niðurstaðan oft mjög kröftug þar sem yfirborð og áferð er í aðalhlutverki. Í tilefni af HönnunarMars verður opnuð sýning á nýjum verkum þeirra og gefst því tækifæri til að sjá hönnuði úr ólíkum greinum teflt saman á spennandi hátt. Í verkum Helgu kemur fram kraftur þess hljóða og smáa. Minningar og íhugun bindast efni og formi svo úr verður mjög persónuleg túlkun í skartgripum hennar. Bjarni er hins vegar þekktur fyrir að ráðast gegn fyrirframgefnum reglum um notkun glerunga með stanslausum tilraunum á ólíkum samsetningum til að ná fram því óvænta. Með fatnaði sínum skapar Aníta óreiðukennda áferð ýmist með handbróderingu eða gefur efninu lausan tauminn og nýtir til þess áhrifaríkar litasamsetningar. Aníta Hirlekar er fædd árið 1986. Hún lauk námi frá Central Saint Martins í London árið 2014. Helga Ragnhildur er fædd árið 1980. Hún lauk námi frá Edinburgh College of Art árið 2007. Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson er fæddur árið 1960. Hann útskrifaðist frá Århus Kunstakademiet árið 2000. *** ÞRÍUND - TRIAD Aníta Hirlekar fashion designer Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson ceramic artist Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen jewelry artist Three designers strike a chord on DesignMarch 2016 Jewelry artist Helga Ragnhildur Mogensen, ceramic artist Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson and fashion designer Anita Hirlekar have received deserved attention for their works in recent years. The designers’ common denominator is their unique way to explore the very limits of the medium they work in, often resulting in very powerful pieces where surface and texture play key roles. For the occasion of DesignMarch an exhibition will open on their latest works giving guests a chance to witness an interesting interplay of designs from different fields. Helga’s works display the power of the quiet and the small. She binds memory and contemplation in matter and form rendering a very personal interpretation in her jewelry. Bjarni is known for going against traditional methods of glazing by constantly experimenting with different combinations to achieve the unexpected. Anita creates chaotic textures in her fashion by using hand embroidery or setting the fabric free with grand color combinations. Anita Hirlekar is born in 1986. She graduated from Central Saint Martins in London in 2014. Helga Ragnhildur is born in 1980. She graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2007. Bjarni Viðar Sigurðsson is born in 1960. He graduated from Århus Kunstakademiet in 2000. *** Sýningarstjórn/Curator: Harpa Þórsdóttir Sýningarhönnun/Exhibition design: Helgi Már Kristinsson